"Music is the brandy of the damned." (G.B.Shaw)

Noch eine Prognose für 2011

Deloitte.com hat auch noch eine Prognose für 2011 erstellt. Hier das Fazit und am Ende der Link zum Bericht.

Deloitte.com: „The next few years will probably remain challenging for music retailers. The one bright spot is that CD prices could rise over the medium term as dedicated CD buyers have fewer outlets to choose from. CDs could follow the path of vinyl LPs, which rose significantly in price following their exit from the mainstream.

Music fans who prefer CD audio quality might be willing to pay a higher price. However, price increases will not compensate for a continuing decline in unit sales; net revenues from recorded music will continue to decline.

Nevertheless, because recorded music provides crucial exposure for musicians, it is likely that record labels and other music promoters will continue to produce CDs – even at a loss.“

[Artikel: Pop goes Pop-up: Music retail goes seasonal and temporary | Deloitte.com]

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